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Skilled India is what our Vision is and we are striving towards our goal


We have come together to change the same old perception on Skill Development Education. We know that we are here to uplift the youth of India, one of the youngest nations. We should realize that more that 54% of the population is between (15-59) age group or the working age group. This is also a big challenge because every year almost 15 million youth get ready to walk into the job market and more than half the percentage is not job-ready. Where do they lack? There is lacking in soft and technical skills. It is all about identifying the issue and working on it. It is not as simple as it sounds but we are taking steps towards achieving. We have already shaped many careers by delivering the right kind of skill education. 

Meritorium ensures that the youth and the less privileged across the country gain skills that are relevant and matches the market demand. We also stress on offering affordable placement assisted and employment-relevant training courses. Here, we aim to uplift the socio-economic status by our contribution.

We completely focus on imparting market relevant and demanding courses to promote training and skill development. The objective is sustainable transformation through the process of learning and skill development boosting business productivity and promoting employment & entrepreneurship. Meritoruim is trying to bring about a positive social or environmental change within the communities.

Some of our objectives include:

  • We give wings to aspiring entrepreneurs
  • We try suppling high quality labor in the exponentially growing sectors.
  • We shape you by boosting the confidence and sharpening skills.
  • We offer the right kind of vocational training so that you do not remain far from employment.

Mertorium aims to offer a robust institutional framework to implement skill activities in India. It is very important to build a skilled workforce in our country to bridge the gap between the rising demand and supply.

Meritorium is fueling industrial growth while creating realistic opportunities for the workers. Workforce is very important for industries to thrive. Join hands in our mission and vision by joining our team. You have the freedom to join the course of your choice while we offer counselling for those who are still aimless. We connect you to work opportunities and help to bring out your leadership qualities.

Wake up because you are the driving force of the economy.