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Youth is the assets & Pillar of every state, hence to strengthen them, we at Mission is focusing on Enhancing & Upgrading” their skills & strive for Excellence through implementation of Skill development & Entrepreneurship initiative and programs in the state. We have been making efforts to create an ecosystem for youth which will provide the opportunities through trainings so that they could access skilled employment opportunities & set up self-employment ventures which shall further help them in attaining better quality sustainable life. We already have 80+ courses, which covers 15+ different sectors available for the youth of Haryana in our schemes like SURYA, SAKSHAM, PMKVY etc. The Mission also have Entrepreneurship scheme which is currently being implemented through HVSU. Equipped with a team of professionals and cutting edge Training partners, each program is implemented with the vision of developing futuristic knowledge, skills and ability of employable relevance. Formulation, execution and implementation of diversified schemes with a vision of catering to the versatile skill development needs of the state is the main focus of Mission. Channelising resources and optimising funds with a vision to impact lives is our guiding principle.