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Sunita Rani
Beauty Therapy at Herbal Beauty Zone

With the high education costs, it becomes challenging for weaker sections of society to access quality education. Most of the learners in this segment of society discontinue their studies and choose meagre employment to support their family. However, there are few exceptions that, through their will and determination, capitalize on the opportunities offered to them and earn a dignified and sustainable standard of living. One such story is of Sunita Rani.

Belonging to an economically disadvantaged family, Sunita Rani comes from the rural region of Fatehabad, Haryana. As a result, increased living costs have made it hard for her to meet the basic needs of the family. This compelled Sunita Rani not to go for higher studies and instead, choose a job that helps him provide for his family. She began to work in her home by running a small parlour to contribute to his family’s revenue but due to absence of required skills, she was unable to succeed.

One day, Sunita Rani came to know about the Skill India Mission and the various training programs under the initiative. She considered this to be a great opportunity and visited the Gramin Shiksha Private Limited Training Center in fatehabad where she met the training centre counsellor.

She understood the components of the training, gained information about the Beauty sector, potential job profiles in the sector, scope and entrepreneurial idea of self-contracting among other factors. Assuring herself and his family, she enrolled herself for the three-month course where she became proficient at her skills and sectorial knowledge. Additionally, she also learnt how to converse in Basic English, operate computers, and present herself in front of others.

After completing the course, she was Runing her own Parlour with the name of Herbal Beauty Zone and earning more than 30000 Rs./-  She has been working effectively and happily in her new life and always thanks skill india mission which makes her capable to earn this life style.

Ravi Kumar

Ravi's life story exemplifies that dreams can be achieved by determination. The 21-year-old boy from fatehabad witnessed misery and hardship throughout his life. His father, a farmer by profession was affectionate and caring but couldn’t financially support his family of four children. Living in the world of bare necessities, Ravi always desired to help his family monetarily but he had no work

Ravi completed his primary education in 2015. He couldn’t embark a journey of higher studies due to family’s financial constraints But Ravi knew from heart that there were opportunities for him out there and giving up hope meant giving upon life. In search of a dignified and secure life, Ravi joined a Gramin Shiksha Private Limited.

Where Ravi joined Computer Hardware Technician course by Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY). Decided about making a career in this and understood what it is known to Computer Computer Hardware.

After the completion of the course, Ravi Ravi got a job which is very happy for him. It will cost 85000Rs / - per month. Skill India brought a new ray of hope in Ravi's life, still was not satisfied with this job

Ravi learned his job curry well for 1 year and wanted to do his business, took a loan to start his employment under pradhan mantri mudra yojana and opened his shop to become the owner of the business today.
Ravi says that he will provide all his services to the field of Hardware Service and that any from the government regarding the same would be grateful to PMKVY. He also wishes that government organizes more trainings programmes to the students and unemployed youth and make them skill full and provide with career opportunities.

Anirudh Kumar
Hardware Technician at Surya Infosys

Anirudh Kumar is a native of ratiea , fatehabad District. His father Mr.savarayyahis a farmer from sompeta Mandal, srikakulamDistrict. His education was in his home town; Anirudh Kumar always tried to suit up with new trainings and technologies. He showed lot of interest in learning Hardware &Networkingcourses.His interest in Hardware & Networking courses made him to join renowned institute to learn computer services but soon he realized that he could not afford such an expensive course costing Rs.20,000 and decided to stop continuing it. Meanwhile He came to know about the training programmes conducted by Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) through his friends and has approached the organization. There he attended an Hardware Technician programme. He was shocked knowing that the course is entirely free and immediately grabbed the opportunity to join the Hardware & Networking course. 

Contact PMKVY: He came to know about the ongoing training programs run by PMKVY in Gramin Shiksha Private Limited. There he participated in an Hardware & Networking event for 300 hrs. It was a completely free course being conducted by NSDC. He decided to join computer hardware and networking courses for better career options there. He then adopted a gaming course because he found it interesting.
About Hardware & Networking: After completing the course of PMKVY had issued a certificate for his future need. Therefore with that certificate and knowledge gained through the trainings he is joined in a Aalankritasloutionsas a System administrator. He is getting 8,500 per month. The hardware & networking topics taught to him in PMKVY like Basics of Computer, Basics of Electronics, Parts of computer, Trouble shooting, software installation, Basic Networking are used in his organisation.Theorganisation is into development by offering its production services to public. It is also planning to render its training services by providing quality training to the students. 

Present Status: Anirudh Kumar says that he will provide all his services to the field of Hardware Service and that any from the government regarding the same would be grateful to Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY). He also wishes that government organizes more trainings programmes to the students and unemployed youth and make them skill full and provide with career opportunities.

Self-Employed Tailor

Manju belongs to a family where her father earns a meagre amount to support the basic needs of the family. He is a farmer by profession. Manju has studied till class 12.

Manju came to know about the institution of Gramin Shiksha Private Limited which was conducting free courses in the APPAREL sector in PMKVY due to the popularity of training center in its neighborhood and mobilization activity in its village. She wanted to join Healthcare sector, but could not afford the fees to be paid to other institutes, which charges a sum to certify as well. She came to know from the counsellors that this institute provides free training with NSDC certifications.

He always had high aspirations in life. She wanted to stand on her feet, no bus could walk because the family was not prosperous. Therefore, she did a "self-employed tailor" free courses, which would help her pursue a career to her liking.

After joining Empower Pragati's PMKVY Gramin Shiksha Pvt Ltd, he not only gained practical and theoretical knowledge about job role, but also obtained certification from NSDC. They have acquired interpersonal skills through training and this has also boosted their morale. The course was of 1Year duration. She is now working in her home by running a small business, and is set as an example for other female students in her village. She now earns 15000 to 20000 Rs / - a month.

Computer Hardware Technician

He helped his mother in agriculture farming and cattle rearing to meet the basic needs of the family. Deepak wanted to support his mother financially, as she was the sole earner in his family. He started to work, but whatever they were earning was not enough to fulfil the basic needs. He wanted to pursue this course because he had an interest towards the electrical sector and wanted to become a field technician.

Deepak is going to live in the village ayalki when he comes to know from his friends that Gramin Shiksha Private Limited Fatehabad who is able to get employment in skill India by training students in the under free of PMKVY. He joined the training institute to pursue a hardware technician in this as he did not have enough money to enroll in a paid training institute. Furthermore, during his visit to the training center, he really liked the training facilities, practical laboratories and equipment, and was impressed with the teaching staff. He was told that this training is free and after the completion of the course, he will also be assisted in the placement. During which he learned computer proficiency skills and hardware technician skills.

He was hardworking and eager to learn. He always completed his tasks and practical tasks on time. He was always regular and punctual for the class. During classes, he was humble and had a positive attitude to fight all obstacles in life. After the completion of the course, he got a job of 7500Rs / - at a computer hardware shop in Fatehabad, near his village. Now supporting his family. After working for a year, Deepik started working on his computer hardware. Her mother is proud of her for her ability to cope with all the difficulties with colors of success. He now earns 20000 - 25000 Rs / -.

Field Technician – Air Conditioner

This is the story of Bikram, a 25-year-old boy who lives in Sahidawali, a small village in Fatehabad, he passed 10th from a government school. Due to poor family, he could not study much. His father runs a small business selling flowers in the market and is rich in hard work and dedication, but his income is less than he provides for his children in expensive metropolises.

Struggling over the years, Bikram passed in 10th standard. Although he wanted to pursue further studies, he had to give up his academic career due to the housework Bikram was forced to work in a small electronic shop in the village. He used to get 3000Rs / - from this work. Bikram was not satisfied with this salary because his needs could not be fulfilled with so much money.

One day, Bikram heard from his friends about Grameen Shiksha Private Limited, which trained students of Kaushal Bharat Mission and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) to make students employable. Bikram in the electronic sector Field Technician - Air Conditioner Courses Joined Due to these courses being free, he easily joined it.

After completion of the courses of Field Technician - Air Conditioner, got National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) certificate, took a loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana on this certificate and started its electronic shop. Bikram has today become the owner of the shop from where he is earning 30000 rupees / - every month. Bikram is an example of realizing dreams through skill and devotion and never gives up. He is among the 10 lakh candidates who have successfully got better livelihood opportunities through the PMKVY skills training initiative under the Skill India Mission.

Anju Nayak

How a Job Seeker Ms. Anju Nayak became the Bread earner for her family members?

Beauty culture & Beauty Therapist are the services after Indian Beauties were crowned as Miss World and Miss Universe. Since then, such beauty enhancer centers are getting established in every nook & corner of urban and semi urban areas as well as in villages.
Since this is a service which expects high precision and skill, many girls and women are unable to enter into this service even after much interest and inclination. Anju Nayak of fatehabad was one such girl who had such aspiration, but lacked training and confidence to venture into this activity. At her personal level she tried to get training in Beauty Therapy at different centers, but everybody refused her on different counts.

On such an occasion, Skill India Mission means Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), Anju Nayak has brought a ray of hope to create something in life. When he came to know from his friends that even the beauty therapist in Fatehabad Courses are being conducted in Gramin Shiksha Private Limited, which shows that there will be placement opportunities along with freeing the course, then join the course after complete information. Anju Nayak carried out the incident with great interest. On several occasions, she volunteered to work as an instructor and learned every aspect of beauty culture and wanted to make her future a beauty parlor.

Anju Nayak wanted to start his own parlor, but initially faced a financial crisis as it involved a lot of expenditure on equipment and interiors. Then Anju Nayak applied a loan in the bank under pradhan mantri mudra yojana and got a loan of Rs.300000 / -, from which Anju Nayak opened his beauty parlor. Anju Nayak is very hollow, because he is able to earn bread for his family, but his ultimate goal is to join thousands of girls like him who are not fit for employment, with Skill India and we One can think that this day is not far away.

Sunil Kumar
Yoga Trainer

This is the story of Sunil Kumar who did not have any employment after completing his study. Even after getting employment, he used to earn 8000 Rs / - month after working from morning to evening, which is very less in today's time.

Although being a graduate, Sunil kumar was unemployed and didn’t have much of confidence before joining Yoga Trainer Course in Gramin Shiksha Private Limited. He came to know about the course through mobilization activityon social media, so as to spread awareness regarding the skill education and he visited the centre after the activity. He wanted to start his career and support his family financially.  Sunil kumar was already interested to be a part of the Yoga Industry, so during counselling session, he was advised to enrol in the Yoga Trainer.

After Counselling Session he felt that yoga is very important in our life, in which it is very much needed in the future, this made Sunil think that he will make his career in a yoga trainer, then joined this course.

After the completion of the course, Sunil Kumar wanted to open a yoga Center which did not have to do much investment and soon started earning well. Today Sunil Kumar is running three centers named Nikhilam Sajivani Aayog in three districts of Haryana as franchisee centers and has earned more than 30000 rs / - per month .

Not only is he currently supporting his family financially, but now he is also a role model for the young candidates of his village, who want to do a small study and start their career.